What to do when someone requests traffic advisories

December, 9, 2021 by

When flying inbound to a non-towered airport on Unicom, you can request traffic advisories.

If you are the pilot in the pattern in that scenario you can

  • Report your position, which is a traffic advisory, telling the aircraft where you are in relation to the pattern.
  • Click “send traffic advisory” in the ATC menu, which will allow you to tell the aircraft which runways and what directions of traffic are currently being used.

Good communication on Unicom is key to flying in and out of a non-towered or uncontrolled airport. The more situationally aware you are, the better the chance of everything running smoothly.

Reference: “Understanding Unicom” by Infinite Flight

Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. โ€” More