What to say when inbound for landing

May, 11, 2020 by

If there is no approach active – simply call inbound for landing (with your runway request if you’d like). Do not call inbound on the ILS, do not call inbound on the visual, simply call inbound for landing

If sent to tower frequency from approach after Radar Vectors, this is when you also simply call inbound for landing.

If cleared for the ILS approach by Approach – simply call inbound on the ILS for your cleared runway. Same thing for visual approach. Simply call inbound on the visual.

To summarize:

Terminology ->
Approach Type v
Call inbound for landing? Call inbound on the ILS? Call inbound on the visual?
Radar Vectors Yes No No
ILS Approach No Yes No
Visual Approach No No Yes
Approach frequency not open Yes No No