September, 9, 2021 by

Ever heard of “Bend it like Beckham”? Whippage is a football (soccer) term, used to describe the amount of curve you put on the ball when shooting.

It’s also the word I use to describe this Radar frequency technique, primarily used when clearing aircraft for an ILS/GPS Approach.

It’s required that you clear an aircraft on a heading where they would intercept the localizer on a 10 to 30 degree angle. Nothing more nothing less.

So if you have N632KB on left base for runway 35R, you’d need to clear N623KB on a heading of 360 to 020. If you know the aircraft will be cleared too late though, then you can then whip them around. Instead, you could clear N623KB at heading 320 to 340. Still the required 10 to 30 degree angle.

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