Become a Writer

We want to offer an outlet for Infinite Flight ATC (IFATC) controllers to share their knowledge and experience in Infinite Flight or the real-world with our over 1500+ weekly readers. Do you want to become a Writer for our group?

Our only requirement to join our group is that must be an IFATC controller. If you are not one, sign up here.

Our group’s roles are split up into two segments. Contributors and Writers.

This is the initial role within the team once you join the group. Once you have shown over a set period of time that you are an active participant within the group you would then be promoted to Writer.

Writers are our most active members of the team who consistently contribute to the group. They have their own set of requirements and perks available to them upon promotion.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then here is how you can join.

We use Discord as a way to communicate and the application process is very simple. Click here to join our Discord server then once you join, follow all the instructions in the “About” channel to apply.