Your Accomplishments #2

March, 5, 2021 by

Happy Friday! We have two accomplishments for this week.

  1. We fixed (fingers crossed) our Discord and Slack bot. They were being difficult not sending out posts on time. We hopefully fixed that issue we were having, it should be operational now.
  2. We got Scott Bateman for a highly anticipated AMA. Scott is a C130, BN-2, 747 and A350 pilot. You may know him most recently from his appearance in the National Geographic documentary about the new Air Force One Livery. He was given access to the Presidential Airlift Group and the VC-25As as part of a documentary he produced with National Geographic about the upcoming VC-25Bs. You can read more about that here and Infinite Flight was featured in that documentary so check that out if haven’t. Steve is also a presenter for The Layover, a great show you should check out, tons of great interviews with some very cool people. He does a ton of amazing cool stuff that we’ll be able to delve into during the AMA. That is currently scheduled for March 13th, date is subject to change. Mark that on your calendar.

Enough about us, what did you accomplish or learn this week? Let us know in the comments of this post, we’re looking forward to hear how you got on this week.

Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. — More
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1 year ago

I just hit 1000 flight hours after 3 years of playing! Quarantine really helped with that. Looking forward to that Scott Bateman AMA!

1 year ago

I learnt that I almost reached 30K ATC Ops which is quite cool.

I accomplished a very busy LFPG!

1 year ago

I learned more on making a ILS landing.

1 year ago

I absolutely greased the landing when landing at Miami from Bogota, Colombia. -10 feet per minute in the 77W following Wednesday ATC Schedule.

1 year ago

I flew around Croatia and Bosnia VFR without crashing for more than two hours on Monday. That’s a big achievement for me, especially in a Cessna.